Classes & Support Groups

The Gleanings Foundation offers a number of classes, support groups, and other programs. Check our calendar of events for the current schedule of offerings.

Adult Art Classes:  The Gleanings Foundation is offering a new series of art classes for adults called “Discovering Your Creativity”.  Intro to Acrylics is an introductory class designed for those wanting to paint with acrylics.  Playing with Watercolors is also an introductory class for those interested in learning to paint with watercolors.  Both classes are taught by artist Heather Rhyne.  These classes are focused on assisting you in discovering your creativity through color mixing and learning how to work with the paints rather than on the finished product.

After School Art Classes: There will be art classes available for kids after school at The Foundation Harvest House this fall. The program is for students in the 3rd through 8th grade and will be held on alternating Wednesday afternoons. The focus is to foster a healthy connection with self through art and the creative process. There will be more offerings in the coming months.  Select the following link to view the highlights of the 1st Year’s After School Art Classes

After School Theater Classes:  There will be theater classes available for kids after school at The Foundation Harvest House.  The program is for students in the 3rd through 8th grade and will be held on alternating Wednesday afternoons.  Develop creativity and confidence through a variety of individual and group activities.

Moving Rhythms: Moving Rhythms is an aerobic dance and exercise class with choreographed movements and Free Play. Enjoy the music pulsing with your heartbeat, breathe in the flow of community around you, and just have fun! The class begins with warmup, the music carries us to more active movement and then slows with stretching and relaxation. The intention is to have fun with exercise, so tuning in to your own body, your own experience is essential and invited.
Classes are taught by Shaun Conroy, a Physical Therapist with over 20 years of practice experience. Shaun is a dancer at heart. She has also been trained and has 6 years experience in teaching Nia, a non-impact aerobics movement class. Classes are held at the Harvest House throughout the year on Thursdays at 5:30pm, as interest supports. For more information, contact Shaun at or at 828-479-4444.

Women’s Wellness Classes: The women’s wellness classes are led by Nina Zimbelman and assisted by Dr. Patricia Johnson. The classes are held twice a month on Tuesday afternoons at the Foundation Harvest House. The class is open to women interested in learning to participate in their health in a more conscious way, to explore and discuss wholebody living beyond just western medicine. The principles of self awareness, consciousness awareness, living in the moment, and shifts in perception for improved well being are used, as well as group discussion and inner explorations of what true wellness really means.

Wisdom Sharing Groups: Wisdom sharing groups are gatherings to share personal wisdom gathered from our life journeys and to give meaning and purpose to each person’s experience. People from all walks of life are invited to share themselves and their life’s journey. These gatherings are followed by a pot luck.

Yoga Classes: Cathy Woods Yoga offers an hour and a half yoga session one Saturday a month during the winter months. The session includes asana practice in addition to a mini-workshop on an expanded yogic topic, e.g. breath work, yogic philosophy, meditation, or chanting. Yoga sessions are followed by a tea gathering. Love offering basis.

Parkinson’s Support Group: For many years, Dr. Johnson has had a special interest in treating patients with Parkinson’s Disease, and learning as much as possible about this disorder that is becoming more common as our population ages.  During her studies for the Holistic Board examination in the year 2000, she was especially intrigued with the nutritional approaches that may be of benefit along with traditional therapies. She has applied some of these therapies to interested patients, as well as establishing a support group that has been meeting every 6 to 8 weeks for the past 10 years.

Dr. Kapil Sethi, world-renowned neurologist, watches on as the Parkinson’s Group has a round of Chair Volleyball.

The Parkinson’s Support Group meetings are held at the Foundation or at the Harvest House, and Jean Sullivan acts as the coordinator for the meetings and Shaun Conroy, as Physical Therapist.  The groups are well attended (usually 20 + participants) and are both educational and interactive.  Each person is invited to discuss any issue that may be of interest to them at the time and the group has found “we learn from each other”.  Refreshments are served at the break and the meetings are often ended with a lively game of “chair volleyball” (using a soft, beach ball).

The meetings are open to new members and are scheduled to continue indefinitely, as Dr. Johnson continues to find the study of Parkinson’s Disease of great value.