The Gleanings Foundation Community encompasses many expressions. Those people interested in a deeper commitment to growth choose a community experience on a full time basis. This includes meals prepared and shared, work projects, keeping the grounds, buildings and facilities in order, preparation and participation in classes and events among other activities.

The mountain property off England Branch Road is also a part of the Gleanings Foundation Community. Left undisturbed, nature surrounds the three homes currently on the property. Residents assist with activities at the Gleanings Foundation and support the community’s work.

There are people living nearby who may not live on either property, but who are part of the community. They help with preparing meals, creating tea parties, participating in classes, offering yoga, providing music and helping with a variety of projects.

Many members of the community live nowhere near Robbinsville but are very much a part of the community. They support the Gleanings Foundation and feel strongly about the work the Foundation is doing. Some are artists who help provide experiences at Kid’s Camp. Some are medical doctors who share practices with integrative medicine. Support comes in many forms from financial support to manpower.