Summer Arts Camp

the finale

rehearsing the finale

The Gleanings Foundation’s Arts Program hosted its first Summer Arts Camp from June 18 – June 22, 2012.  18 students attended from ages 8 – 13 to experience improvisation, creative movement, set design, working with props, memorization games, creative response exercises and working as a team.

The campers had first-hand experience in creating their own show.  Artist Heather Rhyne worked with the children to help them create their own scenery and props.  Frannie Williams worked with the campers on co-creating choreography as well as other aspects of  the production.  And Janice Whitman-Petrie provided home-cooked meals and snacks.

Camp included several visits to the on-site pool.  The week culminated with a performance of “The Golden Tree”, written and directed by Terri Jiang, for family and friends at the Foundation building Friday evening followed by an ice cream social.

cooling off

The children came together as a group in an incredibly short amount of time and showed off their creative talent and abilities for their families.  The performance was enjoyed by all who attended. The kids and adults had a great deal of fun working on it throughout the week.  Thanks to a grant from the Graham County Unrestricted Fund, a component fund of the North Carolina Community Foundation, scholarships were made available to students who would have otherwise been unable to attend.