Summer Arts Camp

 A Real Boy

"A Real Boy"  Hold that pose

Hold that pose

      Campers from the Gleanings Foundation’s Summer Arts Camp practice one of the final poses for their production of “A Real Boy”.  The kids participated in a week-long arts camp creating scenery, making props, helping with choreography and playing games which developed their imagination and creativity.  They became totally immersed in the creative process throughout the week.  By the end of the week, the kids formed close connections with one another and learned that it takes everyone working together as a group to put on a great show.

The kids impressed the audience with their performance at the end of the week which featured a walk-in cave belonging to a saber tooth tiger among other things.  Helping with the experience this year were Frannie Williams with choreography, Janene Hardy with set design and props, Janice Petrie with meals, snacks and refreshments and George Petrie with cave construction.  

The original show was written and directed by Terri Jiang.  Congratulations to the kids and families for a fun week and a great performance.

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